M. Chossudovsky. 2012. Towards A World War III Scenario

I just finished reading this book and I feel that it already needs a good update, given the current contexts of Yemen and Ukraine, not to mention other conflicts of lesser prominence at the moment. That said, most of it still stands, so here is a quick review…

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The reader gets the impression that this is more of a collection of 6 different articles – albeit with a sort of common thread through them – than a book per se. The author is trying to convince his readers of the dangers of buying into the narrative provided by big medias and the government (US in particular) whose new mission is to persuade their public at large of the necessity of yet another war. The author is unequivocal; such a war will be the end of humanity, or something very close to it, as it will involve the use of nuclear weapons. This is not a theoretical exercise on the part of an author trying to divine and prophesize based on conjecture, but rather, akin to the work of a journalist investigating specific events of recent years in addition to an official rhetoric that amount to his fatalistic thesis. To those familiar with Chossudovsky’s work, not much new or surprising here – for the uninitiated, you may get the impression that he is quite left-wing and conspiracist. The author is intelligent and prolific, and one would have thought that he would have spent a bit more time elaborating on many of the arguments of the book, which would have benefitted from much more evidence than the subtle and indirect hints he provided. This is even more so because of the sensitivity of the topics addressed and his potential audience: if he is only thinking of those who think like him, they are already on board with the general premises he’s presenting and they would need a bit more substance to feel that they’re getting a bang for their buck. And if he’s thinking about those he’s trying to convert to his camp, then they will certainly require much more before being reborn. I therefore see it more as one of those hooks produced by all gurus and people conscious of having a large following already; in other words devoid of much context-setting, because it has already been provided in numerous other articles and books. But all in all, this is worth the quick read that it is (102 pages.) Happy reading!

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