So who does this guy think he is anyways to answer religious questions?

In “real” life (as opposed to this virtual one) I receive religious questions from members of various communities on a daily basis. Many of these questions are recurrent, and it may be beneficial for others to at least take a look, if only for consultation purposes.

Of course, any of the questions received could easily be covered in much more comprehensive and technical works (articles and even books, depending on the complexity of the topic). However, the aim is simply to give you enough detail to start understanding some of the nuances and technical discussions surrounding the topic, with a possibility of an answer. And due to lack of time, I can guarantee you that when I will have time to post some of the questions on this blog, none of the answers provided will deal with any topic comprehensively — again, not enough time. Finally, this blog does not intend to replace the role of the religious scholars you already consult (or their works, sites, and representatives) to understand your religion. (…And yes, I have studied Islam extensively, and continue to do so…)


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