Elongated skulls and their “foreign” DNA

As you may or may not know, there are a lot of elongated skulls that have been found and studied by archeologists, anthropologists and others. Many of these skulls are not naturally shaped that way: they are artificially and intentionally deformed through flattening or binding. This practice predates written history and can be found throughout the world in cultures that are supposedly completely distinct from each other geographically. (see this article for exampe)


Some think that this practice was to clearly signal group affiliation, demonstrate social status, be more aesthetically pleasing, or even signal being more intelligent or closer to the spirit world.

L. A. Marzulli and a team of researchers has been studying some of these elongated skulls for five year. During a conference held earlier today, they revealed a number of very interested findings about the people who had such skulls. For example:

  • They belonged to people who were 6-7 feet tall
  • The elongated shapes of their skulls were natural, not artificially formed. Perhaps it is everyone else who was trying to emulate the shape of their skulls by flattening or elongating their own through various means.
  • They had type A, B, AB, and O blood, while all native Latin Americans only have type O blood
  • They had light coloured skin, and blond or red hair, as opposed to the darker skin and black hair of the native Latin Americans
  • Anatomically the skulls are very different from human skulls in certain aspects. They do not have the same openings and attachments between the brain and the rest of the body as found in human skulls. Nor do they have the same cranial plates we human beings have and which allow our skulls to evolve and harden in a certain way from birth onward.

see this video for a teaser, as it seems that more footage and material will soon be revealed.

It seems that the skulls belonged to a group of people who were originally from Germany, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Asia such as modern-day Palestine (based on their genetic make-up). They would have perhaps escaped war or persecution from the Middle East and would have come to settle in Peru. They were most likely invaded, attacked, all of them killed, and buried at that location of the graveyards where their remains are found today. This obviously means that they would have reached South America from Asia or Europe hundreds of years before Columbus did.


What do you think about all of this? Were they simply human races who went extinct because they were all killed? Or is there more going on here?


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