Prophet Jesus and Mary (peace upon them) in the Holy Qur’an – Part 1

This post is simply to present the main passages in the Holy Qur’an that mention Prophet Jesus and his immaculate mother Mary, peace upon them both. I will leave out the main Qur’anic chapter (called Maryam) discussing the story of Mary and Jesus to the next entry.

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James Comey (2018). A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership

I picked up this book for a couple of reasons. The first is that I’ve been wanting to see if it would provide an alternative view of the character of Donald Trump, or whether it would confirm what I read in Wolff’s Fire and Fury. The second main reason is that, as an executive in the corporate world, I am always interested in insights about leadership from people who should have something to say about leadership because of their social position and experience.

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James Comey, a lawyer by education and profession, was a US district attorney, then director of the FBI, appointed by Barack Obama in 2013. He was fired from his position in the FBI by Trump in a controversial manner in 2017. When Trump attacked Comey after having fired him in a series of tweets, Comey responded with a Tweet saying “Mr. President, the American people will hear my story very soon. And they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not”. This is the book that would be Comey’s comeback…

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J. Gamble (2011) The Siesta and the Midnight Sun

Jessa Gamble (2011) The Siesta and the Midnight Sun: How Our Bodies Experience Time

The title of this book grabbed my attention as the experience of time by everything in nature is something that I have thought about often, and was excited to see a book dedicated to the topic. Unfortunately, it did not deliver as I thought it would.

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M. Wolff, 2018. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House

Fire and Fury is a book that was released in January 2018, and that caused an immediate stir. The few excerpts that were shared before the publication already announced the unflattering image that would be drawn by the book of Donald Trump, his immediate family and his close associates, as he began his presidency of the United States. I finally got my hand on a copy a few weeks ago.

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Everything that I post on this blog is my original writing. For months now, some of my articles have been appearing without my consent on a number of different sites. I am flattered that my content is circulating, that it generates discussion or educates people, but proper attribution is very important, especially for most of the content I write. I have asked some sites to link to my blog instead of copy-pasting the content as is, and giving the impression that it is they who wrote it, but they have not complied.

I am now sharing two of the sites that are copy-pasting my content without my permission, after I have asked them to remove the content and simply link to my blog:

(I am not sure if one of these sites is simply copying content from the other, or if they are in fact one site with two different names… but it doesn’t really matter)