Making sense of Wahhabism – 6

Québec City Shooting…

As we were about to continue with Part 6 of the Making Sense of Wahhabism Series, I wanted to underline an incident that took place in Québec City Sunday night, January 29, 2017.

Click here to read the story of how 3 shooters entered a mosque during the evening prayer just before 8p.m., killed 6 people, injured 8 others.

The shooters were masked, had a Quebecois French accent, and yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is great!) before spraying their shots in the mosque. Two of the three are now in custody, and the search continues for the third.

Since Trump made his appearance on the political scene, acts of Islamophobia and racism have increased, so this may end up being motivated by hatred against Muslims, and simply being passed as an act of Islamic Terrorism by non Muslims trying to provide evidence of how Islam is violent… but it may also end up being an actual case of Islamic extremism, which relies entirely on the same mentality that we have been explaining in this series (Making Sense of Wahhabism).

In the last two entries on Khawarij (see here and here) we started highlighting the main commonalities between Wahhabism and Kharijism, which you should be able to recognize quickly now when reading of such incidents. And we all do need to wonder, if these were indeed Muslim acts, why would the shooters be killing Muslims inside a mosque? But this is the Wahhabi and Kharijite mentality of violently exterminating anything you don’t agree with…

May God bring peace to the world…

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